Fermented red cabbage dip with mushroom & sweetcorn

What do with soft ferments? I made a large batch of fermented red cabbage for a supper club I hosted last year (similar to sauerkraut but with the flavouring of pimentos berries and cumin seeds). After several months in my basement it had lost its crunch. I was none too keen on the soft texture…


Muhammara is a delicious mezze made from roasted peppers, crushed walnuts and Aleppo pepper originating in Syria


A delicious and creamy Jerusalem style hummus as taught to me by my Dad


A light and refreshing parsley salad, perfect for summer barbecues or as part of a selection of Mezze


Moutabal is a traditional Palestinian aubergine salad. Smokey, creamy and delicious, it is a barbecue staple.