Tapas in Seville, Spain


Puratasca (Numancia, 5, 41010, Triana). It was a bit of an amble to get there and when I did it was packed and names were chalked on to the board in Spanish. It was a good opportunity to try and work out what the food was. I tapped a few shoulders to get the names of the dishes to order them myself. A stack of chargrilled aubergine, warm goats cheese, spinach, balsamic reduction, toasted crushed nuts was delicious. Another highlight was a rich meat stew, encased in fried ravioli with a thick, moreish sort of almost caramel like sauce on it…the filling had a bit of the pasty about it. In a good way. The other stand out dish was a fresh tuna ceviche salad served with a bright green, tangy wasabi cream. One of things I had spied when peering at others food was a risotto, which I failed to correctly point at. Venison risotto was the final dish and it was incredibly rich and gamey, pure decadence. This was my favourite place by far. Amazing food, great atmosphere.

Bar Eslava (3-5, 41002 Seville). Incredibly cheap (2.5 euros per dish at the time of writing) and there was already a queue when we arrived. Lack of Spanish led to some guesswork occurring. I selected a random dish, of which the only ingredient identifiable was egg. It was the most random thing I ate all week. An egg yolk, with a kind of mushroomy bottom bit and some crunchy toasted bread. A tapas fry up of sorts. At least a tapas shared is a risk halved. I also had a lovely, courgette, pepper and creamy cheese layered gratin, some chorizo potatoes (what wouldn’t taste nice with chorizo?) croquettes stuffed with pork for something traditional and some grilled sardines. Good for a quick, cheap and tasty lunch.

Aljibe (Alameda de Hercules 76, 41002). Hercules is a very nice location favourite place in Seville; a bit rough round the edges with lots of bars, families with their kids hanging in the square at midnight, lots of restaurants. I ate squid in whiskey sauce, rare, thinly sliced duck on a bed of courgettes with a sweet and sour chutney and a beautiful layer of crispy, marinated fat, a hearty dish of pork stew, which was melt in the mouth and finally a slider with crisp sweetcorn patties, stuffed with shredded and spiced beef and topped with a coriander sauce.

Vineria san Telmo (Catalina de Ribera, 4) small rich plates of food; fried foie gras with a pear puree, a tiny seared filet and salsa verde, scallop with squid ink spaghetti and a prawn sashimi with a salmorejo reduction.

I also went to some places, mainly for lunch with traditional, quick, tasty, no frills tapas. I ate manchego cheese, jamon iberico, croquettes, fried aubergines, stewed pork, tortilla, avoided the Salmorejo (Los Columnas, Mateos Gago) was a good place for the traditional stuff

Bar Alfalfa (Calle Candilejo, 1,41004) for delicious ham and very generous portions.

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