Fermented red cabbage dip with mushroom & sweetcorn

What do with soft ferments? I made a large batch of fermented red cabbage for a supper club I hosted last year (similar to sauerkraut but with the flavouring of pimentos berries and cumin seeds). After several months in my basement it had lost its crunch. I was none too keen on the soft texture…

Nettle Pesto

Make your own pesto with nettles foraged from your local park; a rich source of vitamins A, C and Iron.


Muhammara is a delicious mezze made from roasted peppers, crushed walnuts and Aleppo pepper originating in Syria

Taboon bread

Bake your own soft and chewy flat breads in a home made ‘taboon’ oven. Also a great base for a za’atar ‘pizza’!

Cauliflower soup

A rich and delicately spiced cauliflower and turmeric soup for the winter with pomegranate, sage, toasted almonds and lemon